Police Discover Tragic Murder-Suicide After Responding to Distressed Baby’s Cries

Police Discover Tragic Murder-Suicide
Police Discover Tragic Murder-Suicide

A distressing incident unfolded on Saturday morning in Port St. Lucie, Florida, as two individuals were discovered deceased inside a residence.

The discovery was made after a concerned family member contacted the police for a welfare check.

According to reports from the Port St. Lucie Police Department, officers were summoned to the Peacock Run Apartments on NW East Torino Parkway shortly before noon in response to the family member’s request.

Upon arrival, the officers encountered a locked house but could hear the sound of a crying baby emanating from within, as stated in a news release by the police.

Observing the situation through the back sliding door, the officers tragically witnessed two deceased adults lying on the floor. Determined to ensure the safety of the infant, the officers forced their way into the house through the front door.

The baby, thankfully unharmed, was promptly retrieved from the crib and is now in the care of another family member.

According to WPEC, initial investigations suggest that a man is responsible for the woman’s death before taking his own life. However, no further details regarding the circumstances leading up to the incident have been disclosed at this time.