Harry Styles Girlfriend Camilla Rowe Dating Video

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Is it Harry Style or is it not Harry Styles? Let’s bust out our detective hats, because we’ve got a MYSTERY on our hands fit for Sherlock Holmes.

Okay, so a bit of back story. Harry Styles is rumored to be dating Victoria’s Secret model Camilla Rowe. The stunning model has also worked for Chloé, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Louis Vuitton. She is 27 to Styles’ 23. And so far there has been zero verified confirmation that they are together. If they are dating, it has only been for a couple months. In a now-deleted Instagram story video, Camilla Rowe may have dropped the news. Some sharp-eared Harry Styles stans have noted that the voice in the background of the video couldbelong to our favorite former One Directioner.
As Rowe zooms in on a woman quietly relaxing with a very fabulous Gucci bag on her lap, a man’s voice can be heard saying “they were talking about…(inaudible)” as though he is speaking next to her off-camera. Could it be Harry Styles? It this confirmation of their blossoming love? Well, yes, it could be, but it’s also very debatable. For starters, these two stars are keenly aware of their public persona, and its unlikely that they’d announce their relationship with a single cryptic video. The voice in the video also sounds like a heavy Australian accent, not a British accent.
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The two accents are similar, but are also quite distinct in their own right — and Styles has a very proper stilted English accent. That said, it definitely sounds like Styles’ deep, raspy speaking voice that we all love, even if the accept is slightly off. When compared it to videos of his voice, it seems to be a match.